It's way too difficult for retailers to work with international brands & suppliers.

We're on a mission to simplify discovery, buying & fulfillment for big box buyers.

We get it, retail's hard. We're here to make things easier - by connecting buyers with suppliers, reducing the paperwork, the friction and everything in between.
We're a team of ex-merchants, reps and global brand managers. We know what it takes to make products successful at retail.

What makes us different?

We believe that talent is distributed globally and collaboration is key.

In a globalized world, collaboration is key. Consumer trends transcend borders and it's our job to stay ahead.
Team members across Asia, Europe and North America.
Six languages spoken.
Adept at working beyond borders.

We're consumers at heart, merchandisers at work.

We're passionate about the brands we work with and get excited about their latest creations. We combine our passion with true data to make informed decisions and lasting impact.

Relationships are built on communication.

We believe in building relationships based on strong communication and mutual understanding. We're in this for the long run and like to partner together to create lasting programs.