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Frequently asked questions

Is it free to buy products with GlobeCommerce?
Yes! GlobeCommerce is 100% free for retail buyers.
Can you help me source new brands?
Yes, GlobeCommerce's international team can help to source new brand partners Europe, China and South East Asia.
Can GlobeCommerce dropship?
Yes, all US domestic inventory is dropship ready at our 2.5 million sq. ft. partner facility. We can also do direct to store delivery, cross docking, ticketing, LTL, FTL, POE, DDP, FOB or any combination.
Who are GlobeCommerce's sales reps?
Our reps are industry veterans and have been working with their key accounts for at least 10 years. Many are ex-merchants and intimately understand the priorities of the retailers that they cover.
Who are GlobeCommerce's suppliers?
Our suppliers are well established brands with proven success in multiple markets. Many of our suppliers are sold in more than 40 countries, have an annual turnover of $20m to $75m, and own their own factory.